The thrilling sequel to Cut Her Out In Little Stars is available now on Amazon!

After vanishing without a trace for months, Cara is home in New York and feeling more lost than ever. Everyone around her knows that she has changed, but no one knows why. A chance encounter with a fortune-teller at a festival sends Cara on a journey to recover her missing memories and leaves her with even more secrets to hide. She is more determined than ever to find a way to get back to Caine. That is, until a freak accident lands Cara in the arms of a man who may derail all of her plans.

Meanwhile, Caine battles his own grief and growing pressure to take a seat on the Council. Yet, the hard-won peace in the system is short lived when a new threat emerges following the death of Samas. A faceless silhouette on a screen begins revealing the Confederation’s dirty little secrets to the public and he finds himself in the crosshairs of this new enemy. Unrest is growing amongst the citizens. Caine managed to prevent a war with the Hostiles, but can he stop one with the very people he swore to protect?