All In A Name

I’m not sure which is more daunting, becoming a published author or trying to write a blog. Coming up with a story was easy. Coming up with ideas for blog posts? Not so easy. The first part was always the most challenging. A name for the blog. This could be a landing spot for many of my readers, so naturally it had to be a good one. I wanted something that spoke to the two important parts of who I am. Reading and writing. I didn’t want something overly cliche and clever but I didn’t just want it named ‘Daniele’s Blog’ and bore everyone to death before they even read anything. Of course, being an author, the name came to me in the typical place where many great writers are struck with their best ideas, in the shower. A Million Words. I’ve always been a dreamer and I am sure I have already read a million words in my lifetime but the goal is also to, hopefully, publish a million words. Also, read a million more words too.

It is my great hope, that readers and writers alike will stumble upon this blog and find it a great resource for book reviews, author advice, writing tips, reading recommendations and more. Two parts that are separate but inextricably linked. Welcome to A Million Words. Enjoy your stay.