The Blueshift Saga

Book One: Cut Her Out In Little Stars

Cara DeLeon is a woman lost in time. She’s stuck at a job she hates in a city she wants to escape. When tragedy strikes on a subway train, Cara awakens to find herself in the future, but not the one she dreamed of. Her old life is a distant memory and nothing is as it seems. Thrust into a future on the brink of war, she must learn how to navigate this strange new universe. Meanwhile, Commander of the Confederation Fleet Nikolas Caine is a man haunted by past sins as he defends the star system he has dedicated his life to protect. His ship is attacked by space raiders called Hostiles and Cara is discovered on board. Her arrival sets into motion a chain of events that will change his world forever. Cara uncovers dark secrets that threaten to tear the star system apart and endanger her life. She must fight to survive if she wants to get home to her family. Battling a looming war and his growing feelings for Cara, Caine must finish his mission. Of course, Cara would end up falling for the one man dead set on sending her home. As the ghosts of his past catch up to Caine, Cara finds herself struggling to face her future.

Book Two: Doubt The Stars Are Fire

Cara is trying to live a normal life in New York City, but what is normal after vanishing without a trace for months with no recollection of what happened to her? An unexpected encounter helps her unlock her missing memories. With the newly discovered knowledge of her time with Caine, she is determined to find a way back to him. It seems like an impossible feat, until she crashes into a man who may steal her heart and change the trajectory of Cara’s future forever.

Doubt The Stars Are Fire

Book Two in The Blueshift Saga

By Daniele Kasper

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